Man’s Beard Not Only for Attraction

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Based on the research, facial hairs generally help to avoid the UV rays’ to harm the skin. These hairs can prevent from having skin cancer which is the result of absorbing the UV rays. Obviously, the longer the hair the better it will provide protection. Other benefits of a long beard could be a protection against the dust to evade the nose which can cause irritation and lead to asthma attack. It will help to filter the dust and not trigger allergies to dust.

Moreover, the beard can add comfort from a windy and cold season. It is essential to protect the skin from dryness and other related irritation caused by it. Hairs under the neck can cover the part which will help you keep away from colds and influenza. An added moisturizer to the hair could add to the comfort as well as maintain the good shape of it. Facial hairs also can reduce the signs of aging. That is, girls might find a bearded man more appealing than that of other clean-shaved guys.

However, beard requires a sort of maintenance to look great and not to look horrible. The hair might grow to any direction if no enough attention will be given to it. It will be beneficial to see neat looking guy with a healthy beard on them. How to do maintenance of the beard starts and ends with the proper trimming and proper application of beard products regularly on it.

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